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This my attempt to keep you (& your subscribers) appraised of my ventures into ordering non-commercial serials on-line. I found a source in MD called Serial Bowl & ordered a few items from them including the Columbia serial “The Iron Claw”. They listed the serial as “fair” quality but it was anything but. There were many night time scenes and they were basically unwatchable. Their email is serial-bowl.com and they can be snail-mailed at Skymarshall Productions, 11140 Rockville Pike. Suite 100, #132, Rockville, MD 20852.

I next tried a source n FL called Serials & Such and got a nice email from a fellow named Charles Knott (whom I think is older than the serials). He claims that he checks all his serials and does not sell any that are less than “fair” quality. He also had “Iron Claw” listed as “fair” and, in this case, it was. He also had a copy of the Universal “Call of the Savage” that is available commercially…..and his copy is very superior to that one. I have gotten a half dozen from him @ $10 per and they are all watchable (and certainly a better “fair” quality than the Serial Bowl stuff listed as “fair.” It’s sorta like the pre-electric recordings that Louis Armstrong made in the 20s. They are tinny with low fidelity but – better to have Armstrong’s genius that way than not to have them at all. The place where “fair quality” is indeed fair – good luck so far with about a half-dozen titles – is serialsandsuch.com; address is Charles D. Knott (rumor has it that he carried the tablets down the hill for Moses); 7159 Hope Hill Road; Brookville, FL 34601-5616.

Both places charge $10 per disc.


$8.97 – 8 SECONDS (1994) THE STORY OF THE LATE Rodeo Champion Lane Friost starring Luke Perry. Stephen Baldwin and Red Mitchell play Frost's real life buddie, Tuff Hedeman and Cody Lambert - ISBN: 9780780626898 – UPC: 00794043478321

Publisher: Turner Home Entertainment

$24.95 -- Black Rodeo (1972) In 1972 Harlem, a Black Cowboy show rides into Randall's Island, NY to perform in front of a large crowd of enthralled spectators. This critically acclaimed 1972 documentary captures that show, as well as one-on-one interviews with the rodeo performers themselves and various members of the audience. Muhammad Ali himself is also on hand, clowning his way around the crowd and the cowboys, having a great time with all. The film also features an extended discussion by actor Woody Strode about the long-suppressed history of the Black Cowboy. Directed by Jeff Kanew this documentary received cricital acclaim in 1972, but has not been seen since - until now! 'BLACK RODEO' has finally returned. Saddle up!

ISBN: 9786314014308 - UPC: 00891978002987

Publisher: Scorpion Releasing/Rv

$19.95 -- Bull Busters: The All Stars Of Rodeo -

From the Back Cover: Hold on to your hat 'cause the cowboys are set, the chutes are loaded, and the world's meanest bulls are ready to rumble. The rules are simple - climb on the back of a raging, 2000 pound bucking bull, strap yourself by the hand to his raw back, give the nod...and hang on for eight terrifying seconds. If you make it without breaking any bones or dislocating any limbs, you might win the gold buckle in the extreme sport of Bull Busters! With our lineup of living legends including Ty Murray, Tuff Hedeman, and Terry Don West, you can be sure this DVD is going to bring you the most extreme rides and bone-breaking action available. You'll feel every bone-jarring, body-crushing moment as the pounding surround sound puts you inside the arena and into the action. Ever wonder what it's like to deliberately put yourself in the path of a raging, unrestrained 2000-pound rodeo bull? Now, through a wireless miniature Helmet Cam, you see what the world's most daring bull fighters experience every day -- dodging dagger sharp horns, deadly hoof kicks, and bone-crushing encounters. This is an exclusive experience you won't find anywhere else - unless you're willing to risk it all by stepping into the arena. Every sport has it's bloopers...but in the sport of rodeo, even a small error can be life threatening. The worst wrecks are rewarded with the Hard Luck Award. We've gathered some of the worst rodeo wrecks of the world's greatest cowboys and put them together in one heart stopping segment...and then let the fans pick their favorite to win the Hard Luck Award. This is one award no cowboy wants to win. Every sport has its legends...athletes who are larger than life and are remembered long after they are gone. In rodeo, that legend is Bodacious, The world's most dangerous Bull. In this never before available footage, Terry Don West, one of the world's greatest bull riders, has a near death encounter with Bodacious at the world's biggest rodeo. From eight seconds of glory to extreme hell on hooves, no other DVD has ever presented the greatest, toughest bull riders in one spectacular collection...until now! The action is non-stop. So put on your glove, tighten your cinch, and get ready for Bull Busters, the ultimate extreme sport! tarring Artist Not Provided

ISBN: 9781585659142 - UPC: 00743457126823

Publisher: Goldhil Video

$20.00 -- Cattlemen's Days: The Grandaddy of Colorado Rodeos (2008)- Cattlemen's Days is Colorado's longest continuous running rodeo. This documentary tells its history from the ranching contests of the late 1800s to the 100th anniversary of riding, roping, and racing in the high country of the Gunnison Valley. "Cattlemen's Days," is a uniquely made documentary of life in the American West.

ASIN: B0018SMZOC - Studio: Starfleet Productions,

$19.95 -- From Cheyenne to Pendleton, The Rise and Fall of the Rodeo Cowgirl (2010) This film explores the 25-year rise and fall of the western rodeo cowgirl through the lives of Idaho s Bonnie McCarroll, Colorado s Bertha Blancett and Washington s Mabel Strickland. It follows their lives and achievements while it goes outside of the rodeo to answers the question of where did these talented women come from and what led to their eventual removal from the rodeo arena.

The film opens in 1904 as 21-year-old Bertha, arrives in Cheyenne, Wyoming for 8th annual Frontier Days Rodeo the first year women were allowed to compete in the bucking bronc competition. The film ends with the tragic and avoidable death of Bonnie McCarroll at the 1929 Pendleton Round-Up.

The reason I made the film was to answer the simple question: Why were women allowed to compete in the rodeo and why were they removed from the arena? Many historians point to the death of Idaho s beloved cowgirl Bonnie McCarroll at the 1929 Pendleton Round-Up as the reason for the expulsion of women from the rodeo arena, but in reality, the tide had turned against the cowgirls many years earlier.

Both the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo and the Pendleton Round-Up had difficulties with Mabel Strickland, a 98-pound steer roper who set the world s record at Frontier Days in 1924 an accomplishment that was written up in newspapers and magazines across the country. Both rodeos barred this petite woman from competing against the cowboys. Throughout the 1920s the rodeo cowgirl was losing ground to the Rodeo Queen, an invention of the Pendleton Round-Up, which was viewed as the more appropriate role for women.

You can t begin to understand the history of women s rodeo unless you understand the current events of the early 20th century. By the spring of 1929, the Rodeo Association of America had already announced that 1929 would be the last year for women in the rodeo. It is sad that Bonnie McCarroll's tragic and avoidable death at the Pendleton Round-Up was used as the excuse to remove women from western rodeo. ASIN: B003HEBPLO -- Studio: Arctic Circle Productions

$9.95 – J.W. COOP (1971) Cliff Robertson starred, produced, directed, and co-wrote this film about a prison rodeo champion who works the hard way up to big-time rodeos. ISBN: 9781404952287 - UPC: 00043396042018 – Publisher: Columbia/Tri-Star

$14.98 -- Junior Bonner (1972) Steve McQueen stars as an aging rodeo star, with Ben Johnson in supporting role. Directed by Sam Peckinpah - ISBN: 9780792860518 - UPC: 00027616905765

Publish Date: 2004/05/25 – Published by MGM

$7.98 -- The Man from Utah (1934) – John Wayne sets out to get the goods on a gang of crooks who are committing murders on the rodeo circuit. Movie and rodeo star Yakima Canutt appears in the movie.

ISBN: 9786310618999 - UPC: 00096009476496

Publisher: Echo Bridge

$9.98 – The Misfits (1961) starring Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Montgomer Clift. Gable plays a coboy roper who goes mustanging and Monroe convinces him to let the captured hores go free.

ISBN: 9780792850137 - UPC: 00027616862938

Publisher: MGM Entertainment

$6.98 -- Rodeo Girl (1980) Starring Katharine Ross, Bo Hopkins and Candy Clark . This movie is based on real life rodeo champion Sue Pirtle, who bored with her rodeo husband's way of life, goes into the business for herself and forms an all female rodeo and becomes a world champion.

ISBN: 9786309869753 - UPC: 00096009084592

Publisher: Echo Bridge

$29.95 -- Rodeo In The Blood (2007) Travel across America and Canada and experience the thrills, excitement, and every element of the rodeo way of life. Remarkable footage including bull riding, barrel-racing, team sorting, penning and loading, throwing and tying, goat tying, pole-bending, steer wrestling and much more! Includes interviews with riders, breeders and rodeo families that get to the source of the bull-rider's motivation - it's in the blood! Producers: Old Pond Publishing -- Studio: Diamond Farm Book Publishers -- ASIN: 1897387679

$14.99 -- Rodeo King & the Senorita (1951) Rex Allen (who was a rodeo cowboy before he became a movie cowboy) stars as a rodeo star who tries to aid a rancher being harassed by a crooked fellow rancher and ends up not being able to join the rodeo show. This movie is NOT available on DVD and only available on a used VHS tape published by Republic Home Video for $14.99

$7.98 -- Rodeo Rhythm (1942) Fred Scott stars in this story about a group of orphans who appear in a rodeo to get money to save their orphanage

ISBN: 9786313634132 - UPC: 00089218632791

Publisher: Alpha Video

$34.95 -- Rodeo Rider Starring Jeff Gardner (2008)Tell Me How Career Series - Career Education & Opportunities for Young People. Recommended for both School, Public Libraries and Guidance Offices. The Tell Me How series is a necessary addition to any library, guidance center of school curriculum. It explores a large number of career opportunities for young people and features real people doing real jobs. In this program host host Jeff Gardner as he enters the rough-and-tumble world of rodeo bull riding with world-champion bull rider Scott Mendes. Subjects Covered Include: What does it take to be a rodeo rider? Why do rodeo riders wear protection? Can you make a living being a rodeo rider? How does a rodeo rider practice? Is being a rodeo rider dangerous? How long does a rodeo rider have to stay on the animal? What schooling is necessary to be a rodeo rider? What does a rodeo clown do? What does a cowboy do? How did modern rodeos get started? -- Studio: TMW Media Group -- # ASIN: B0007TKO82

$14.98 -- Sands Of Iwo Jima (1949) John Wayne plays a Sgt. Who leads his troups on a uphill charge based on Sgt. Fritz Truan, a champion rodeo star who won he world saddle-bronk championships in 1939 and 1940 as well as the all around title at the 1940 Madison Square Garden rodeo. Truan left a lucrative rodeo career to enlist in the Marie Corp and led the charge up Iwo Jima hill where he was killed. Truan was a fried on Wayne who met him through mutual friends Yakima Canutt and Harry Carey Jr.

ISBN: 9780782010046 - UPC: 00017153557022

Publisher: Lions Gate/Republic Ent.

$24.95 -- Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo goes behind prison walls to follow convict cowgirls on their journey to the 2007 Oklahoma State Penitentiary Rodeo. In 2006, female inmates were allowed to participate for the first time. In a state with the highest female incarceration rate in the country, these women share common experiences such as broken homes, drug abuse and alienation from their children. Since 1940, the Oklahoma State Penitentiary has held an annual Prison Rodeo . Part Wild West show and part coliseumesque spectacle, it s one of the last of its kind - a relic of the American penal system. Prisoners compete on wild-broncs and bucking bulls, risking life-long injuries. For inmates like Danny Liles, a 14-year veteran of the rodeo, the chance to battle livestock offers a brief respite from prison life. Within this strange arena the prisoners become the heroes while the public and guards applaud.

$44.95 – When The Legends Die (1972) is not available on DVD but a used vhs video tape can be obtained from us for $44.95. Frederick Forrest plays Thomas Black Bull, a Paiute Indian a a reservation boarding school where Richard Widmark gets him into rodeo. Published by Playhouse Video.

$7.98 -- Wild Horse Rodeo (1937) The Three Mesquiteers (Ray Corrigan, Robert Livingston, and Max Terhune) capture a wild horse which becomes the chief attraction for a small rodeo. Crooks try to steal the horse. This film has an early appearance of Roy Rogers in a bit part. ISBN: 9786311682685

UPC: 00089218548597 - Publisher: Alpha Vide


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    Had a good first time experience with a new source. Found out that he had a copy of the hard-to-find 1933 Mascot “The Wolf Dog” (one of two Mascot titles that I didn’t have). I asked him in an email how he rated the quality of the print. He replied that he thought it was 7 ½-8 on a 1 to 10 scale. I was pleasantly surprised when I received it. Not that it is pristine quality but, even with some hiss in the sound track and some obvious wear, it is better quality than the “fair” Columbia copies that I told you about (and was satisfied with) from Serials & Such.  I am going to order some more titles from him next week and, upon receipt, will give you (and your readers) more feedback.  The source is johnnysrareserials.com. The fellow’s name is Johnny Fusilier; 20326 Vineyard Road; Hammond, LA 70401; 985-542-4139. Queries can be directed to jfusilier@charter.net I have received over a half dozen serial titles from him. None are available commercially (to my knowledge) at retail and all have been at least fair (to me) in visual & sound quality. The hard-to-find “Wolf Dog” (Mascot, 1933) had some “jumps” & skips and some hiss in the soundtrack; however, for $10 (to use my favorite analogy), having this copy is better than not having it all.

Question: Have you watched the Buck Jones 1934 Universal serial “The Red Rider” that (I think) Heritage House cleaned up & released. Don’t know if it was just the mood I was in or the fact that a female contributed to the screenplay (or both) but, to this Buck Jones fan, it is one of the more ENJOYABLE cliffhangers I have watched in a while.


The programs in each volume of Alpha Video's Roy Rogers TV series DVDs are as follows:

Roy Rogers - Volume 1 – Alpha Video - $7.98

Roy Rogers, the King of the Cowboys, takes to the high plains in the name of truth and justice with his trusty golden palomino, Trigger, and Bullet, the wonder dog. Featuring Dale Evans, the Queen of the West and Pat Brady as his comical sidekick.

Episode 1: After years of searching, an old rancher finally finds gold on his property, but a posse of greedy young thieves try to kill him and rob him of his fortune. Roy and company ride to his rescue intent on setting things straight.

Episode 2: Roy Rogers and the boys arrive in the town of Pine Hill to investigate a crime wave. The town's mayor, a legendary sheriff, seems oddly unaware of the surrounding mayhem. The king of the cowboys relies on his intuition and skill to seek the truth.

Episode 3: A notorious murderer, Chick Dillon, rides back into town to reunite with his naive girlfriend, Thelma, but Roy and friends try to foil his plans and send him back to prison where he belongs. Chick is warned of Roy's interference, but will stop at nothing to get his girl.

Episode 4: A man's neighbors try to strong-arm him into selling his ranch after gold is discovered. When he refuses, they kidnap and attempt to kill him. The missing man's wife looks to Roy for help, but soon finds herself grave danger.

Alpha Video - Roy Rogers Volume 2 - $7.98

Hard Luck Story: Roy and Pat come to the aid of a rancher being strong-armed by agents of the Hard Luck Insurance Company. Suspicious of the company's true intentions, Roy begins an investigation on Hard Luck's seedy manager, Ben Pierson.

Horse Crazy: Outlaw Jud Harmon's wild black stallion can outrun any posse. When Harmon's prized mustang disappears just before a big heist, he tricks Roy into helping him track down the horse.

Money is Dangerous: After bandits attempt to break into Old Man Carson's home, he hires a bodyguard who may actually be part of the outlaw gang.

The Treasure of Howling Dog Canyon: Clyde (Alfalfa Switzer) seeks Roy's help in finding the missing half of a treasure map.


Alpha Video - Roy Rogers Volume 3 - $7.98

Dead Man's Hills: While delivering food and medicine to the sheriff, Dale is drawn into a fierce stand-off with outlaws.

Jailbreak: A young man has been arrested on suspicion of murder, but Dale overhears the real killers at the town fair. In order to give the boy a chance to prove his innocence, Pat helps spring him from jail.

The Set Up: Eccentric "Ole Granny" has been making a living as a trapper on her mountain property. When she refuses to sell her land to a crooked tycoon, he tries to take it from her by having her declared 'crazy.' Roy and Dale help to prove otherwise.

The Unwilling Outlaw: Framed for a crime he did not commit, Jed Collins calls upon Roy to help.

Alpha Video - Roy Rogers Volume 4 - $7.98

Bad Neighbors: Homesteader Frank Stewart has been shot -sparking a feud between the ranchers and farmers.

Strangers: Lanny Gaines and his ailing father moved to Paradise Valley months ago and are dismayed that no one from town has come to introduce themselves. When outlaws, posing as surveyors, seek shelter at their home, Mr. Gaines is so desperate for company that he is happy to oblige.

The Outlaw's Girl: Young and naive Thelma has fallen in love. The problem is that her beau is none other than the vicious gangster 'Chic' Dillon. Dale must talk some sense into her before she ends up in jail - or worse.

The Desert Fugitive: When his twin brother is found shot to death, Bill Harris enlists the aid of Roy to find the killer

Alpha Video - Roy Rogers, Volume 5 - $7.98

Ghost Gulch: Jim Barton is missing - leaving his wife to run their ranch. Neighbor Larry Ridgeway, offers to help by purchasing the ranch from her. Little does anyone know that Ridgeway kidnapped Jim so he could get the Barton land cheap.

Shoot to Kill (a.k.a. Pat Brady Outlaw): Photographer Elmer Kirby starts a world of trouble for Pat when he convinces the sidekick to pose for a picture pretending to rob a stagecoach. Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer guest stars.

High Stakes: Jerry Hill is the only eyewitness in the case against the Collins gang. After Jerry is ambushed, Roy must make sure he is kept safe until he can testify.

Phantom Rustler: Rustlers are using trucks to steal cattle from the small-time ranchers in the valley


Alpha Video - Roy Rogers Volume 6 - $7.98

Ambush: A couple of hired guns make the mistake of ambushing one of Roy's friends on the Double-R Bar Ranch.

Empty Saddles: A series of near-fatal 'accidents' have occurred on Roy's big cattle drive, and his ranch hands are disappearing one at a time. Roy and the gang must figure out who is responsible before someone gets killed!

The Knockout: A training camp for boxer Willy "Killer" Conley has sprung up on a desolate corner of Roy's ranch. When his 'guests' are spotted digging for something, Roy investigates the suspicious gang. Charles Bronson guest stars.

Sheriff Missing: A note has been found convincing the people of Mineral City that Sheriff Blodgett has run away in disgrace for accepting bribes, but Roy suspects foul play.


Alpha Video - Roy Rogers Volume 7 - $7.98

Empty Saddles: A series of near-fatal 'accidents' Ailing Ed Bailey is taken hostage and a $5,000 ransom demanded for his release. Knowing that the old man will die if he goes too long without medication, Roy and Dale must race to expose the kidnappers.

Ghost Town Gold: Pat buys a ghost town as a retirement property and dicovers a stash of valuable coins. But he finds himself in the middle of a shooting war as an old prospector, gunslingers and a Federal agent battle over the treasure.

Lady Killer: Mrs. Clinton, a ruthless bank president, guns down a rancher in order to grab his oil rich land. Roy and Dale are convinced that that Clinton has been systematically driving folks out of the valley.

Big Chance: Lefty, a notorious bank robber, inherits a million dollars. Trouble is, if he tries to collect, he'll be arrested


Alpha Video - Roy Rogers Volume 8 - $7.98

Blind Justice: Old Mr. Conway is left blind after a severe beating by thugs who want to jump his gold claim. Roy and Dale's investigation leads to an unlikely suspect - the town veterinarian!

Loaded Guns: Bill Eaton murders his partner in cold blood and frames young Tom Lareby for the deed. With his young fiance due to arrive in town, Tom begs Roy and Dale to help clear his name.

Badman's Brother: Roy and Dale desperately try to prevent young Larry Trumball from being pulled into a life of crime.

The Run-A-Round: Dale is shocked to learn that her ranch has been sold to a stranger named Colby for $30,000! When the deed and signature appear in order, Roy and Colby join forces to trap the swindlers.


Alpha Video - Roy Rogers Volume 9 – $7.98

Hermit's Secret: An innocent tribesman is locked up on murder charges, but Roy aims to uncover the real killer.

Hidden Treasures: Roy emerges from Sunday meeting declaring, "...the key to the greatest treasure in the world is in that book!" Simple-minded crooks kidnap him and Dale, determined to steal "the key."

Outlaw's Town: Roy, Pat and Dale resolve to clean up an old, deserted town taken over by ruthless gunmen.

Peril From The Past: Roy must protect an innocent bankteller who is being blackmailed by a gang of thieves.

Alpha Video - Roy Rogers Volume 10 - $7.98

Go For Your Guns: An honest teenager idolizes murderous crook Draw Reardon, and Roy intends to put an end to the misplaced hero-worship.

The Minister's Son: Roy is surprised when his investigation into a series of murders leads to the new minister's son.

Outlaw's Return: Facing paroled convict Gil Murray in a showdown, Roy chooses to "kill with kindness" instead of bullets.

Ride Of The Ranchers: When the annual Ride of the Ranchers draws the menfolk of Paradise Valley away, a ruthless gang swoops in to rob a hacienda guarded only by the women left behind.


Alpha Video - Roy Rogers Volume 11 - $7.98

Carnival Killer: A carnival owner is murdered with a bullwhip and Joe Carver, who headlines the show with his whip act, is arrested. Roy is convinced the man is being framed.

Mayor Of Ghost Town: A refined young lady travels from the East to join her father who has become Mayor of Red Dog. Trouble is, Red Dog has been a deserted ghost town for decades.

Milliner From Medicine Creek: Pat Brady and the other single men are smitten with beautiful young Millie who has opened a hat shop in Mineral City. In reality her shop is just a front so that Millie's gang can steal a huge gold shipment from the Wells Fargo office next door.

Money To Burn: Dale buys a used wood-burning stove, not realizing that simpleton thieves have used it as a hiding place for a fortune in paper money!


Alpha Video - Roy Rogers Volume 12 - $7.98

Backfire: Ruthless crooks shoot down and rob Parson Loomis who was delivering the payroll to the Hard Rock Mine.

M Stands For Murder: The fabled ghost "One-Armed Johnny" appears to several people in Mineral City. Everyone who sees the spectre turns up dead.

The Last Of The Larabee Kid: A bizarre crime spree is traced back to a legendary outlaw, the Larabee Kid.

The Train Robbery: Bandits rob the train of $50,000. Deputy Roy turns up a strange clue in his investigation - a small block of salt.


Alpha Video - Roy Rogers Volume 13 - $7.98

Outcasts Of Paradise Valley: Two young men turn to crime when hard years of prospecting don't pan out.

Ride In Death Wagon: Roy investigates when crooks steal a $100,000 charitable trust from an aging widow.

Silver Fox Hunt: An English gentleman employs tracking hounds to help Roy hunt down a pair of silver thieves.

Uncle Steve's Finish: Law-abiding school teacher Tom Everett's peaceful home is turned upside-down when his outlaw brother Steve arrives seeking refuge.


Alpha Video - Roy Rogers Volume 14 - $7.98

Gun Trouble: Ruthless crooks enlist a teenage boy to gun down Roy in cold blood.

Pat's Inheritance: Crooked cattlemen intend to scare Pat and his cousin Mary off the ranch they recently inherited.

The Mingo Kid: Roy is captured by a gang of bank robbers. He is shocked to learn that the outlaw leader is none other than the president of the State Bank himself!

The Scavenge: Old Mose the junkman holds the key to a notorious counterfeiting ring that has managed to elude the Federal authorities.


Alpha Video - Roy Rogers Volume 15 - $7.98

Ranch War: Thieving land grabbers take an expectant mother hostage in a dispute over grazing rights.

The Peddler From Pecos: Ruthless poachers murder a Federal Agent when he discovers their criminal activity.

The Young Defenders: Roy and Dale ride to the rescue of frightened children trapped in a remote cabin.

Three Masked Men: Desperate outlaws plan to bushwhack the Governor as he visits Mineral City's 75th birthday celebration.


Alpha Video - Roy Rogers Volume 16 - $7.98

Flying Bullets: Newly-elected Sheriff Pat Brady roams the town crowing about his prowess - until the bullets start to fly.

Haunted Mine Of Paradise Valley: A map of a lost gold mine is the motive behind a brutal murder.

Outlaw Of Paradise Valley: Outlaws attack a group of archaeologists who have stumbled across their hideout.

The Feud: A bride is left at the altar when a gang of bank thieves kidnap the groom.


$27.92 – TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan, Vol. 1 with "Tarzan, The Ape Man" (1932), "Tarzan and His Mate (1934)," "Tarzan Escapes (1936)," and "Tarzan Finds a Son! (1939)" Publisher: Warner Home Video

$27.92 – TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan, Vol. 2 with "Tarzan's Secret Treasure (1941)," "Tarzan's New York Adventure (1942)," "Tarzan and the Amazons (1945)," and "Tarzan and the Leopard Woman(1946)." Publisher: Warner Home Video



Just want to say hats off to the Serial Squadron headed by Eric Stedman and the fine job they have done. I was really pleased with their Daredevils of the West DVD which is available through our fan club for $40.00. This is one of the serials I had all but given up ever seeing xomplete in my lifetime and in my opinion they did an excellent job on it.

Earlier they put out the best version ever of King of the Mounties DVD which is available through our fan club for $29.95. I think this version is a lot better than the vhs tape version put out some years back by Jack Mathis for several times that cost. Stedman and Company did a much better job of filling in the gaps that are missing from the available material.

They also did an excellent job on both of The Lone Ranger serials. The Lone Ranger (29.95) and The Lone Ranger Rides Again ($24.95) Here again the only thing that exists for many of the chapters were well used foreign films with subtitles and they cleaned everything up so much better than any of the other versions of these two serials issued earlier.