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I started working for the Mankato Wrestling Club in 1957 and put out my first professional wrestling publication (known then as the Pro Wrestling Record Book) in 1959. I also started publishing wrestling programs that year and (Big Time Wrestling, Major League Wrestling, etc.) and over the years started or took over other wrestling publications (Wrestling Monthly, Wrestling Revue, Wrestling Writers Association of America Hall of Fame, and The Ring's Wrestling magazines) that were eventually merged into The Wrestling News which I started as a tabloid newspaper in 1972.

After 43 years of publishing The Wrestling News (the publication The Ring's Wrestling Magazine and Wrestling Revue were merged into some years ago) (1959 to 2002) I have sold the periodical and my entire wrestling business to Arena Publishing, Inc. All files, photos, and back issues have been turned over to the new owner, Arena Publishing, Inc. headed by Brian Bukantis.

Long time readers of The Wrestling News may recall that in the 1960s and 70s, we published wrestling programs for the Michigan-Indiana area as a joint venture with Brian's Arena Publishing, Inc. And when we had regional editions of our magazine for several years the Stranglehold edition of The Wrestling News for that area was a joint venture with Brian's Arena Publishing, Inc.

New publisher Brian Bukantis has a great deal of other experience in the publishing business as well. He founded and published Goldmine for many years, and for more than a decade he has been and continues to publish Movie Collector's World. He plans to start publishing new Wrestling issues on a quarterly schedule and has assumed all subscription obligations of The Wrestling News.

I will continue to be involved in the new publication on a limited basis as Publisher Emeritus doing whatever Brian wants me to do that I am able to do, but that will be my sole involvement in the professional wrestling publishing business. Any work concerning wrestling publications that I might do for others would have to be through Brian's company with arrangements made through him.

The wrestling items listed in back issues of my catalog magazines will no longer be available from me. Arena Publishing, Inc. will probably be offering for sale many of the same wrestling items that were formerly available from me though their terms and prices may be different. You can contact them as follows:

Arena Publishing, Inc.
Wrestling Division
PO Box 309
Fraser, MI 48026-0309